Black Belt Certification Copy

How to Improve Your Career, Solve Almost Any Business Challenge, and Earn at Least $100,000 a Year or More

“Applying this simple strategy makes you extremely unique and valuable in any organization and any industry”

says Peter Herku, Lean Six Sigma expert and coach of several multi-million businesses and institutes.

Chief Executives, Chief Operating Officers, Managing Directors are looking for someone who can solve problems while motivating others. And they’re willing to pay handsomely for this service.

That someone could be you…even if you don’t feel you’re ready yet to solve almost any problem in a business or organization.

Just like you, I was in desperate need of a career boost. I found it from the most unexpected source…

My name is Peter Herku. I studied chemical engineering but drifted towards Finance early in my career. I felt I needed a wider business education background like a Master of Business Education.

It took three years to get my MBA Degree with Emphasis on Finance at Webster University, St. Louis, MO, USA at campus Leiden, Netherlands.

Life was tough working full time, having 2 little kids at that time, renovating our house and spending an additional 12 to 16 hours per week studying, visiting classes, doing assignments.

If only I could have applied what I was learning at night to my work in the day…but the vast majority didn’t apply at all.

It was too much theory without practical tools. And it was not cheap either. I’m lucky my employer picked up the tab of $34,000 for the complete program. That’s a lot of money!

It Simply Led to Frustration and Disappointing Results

I continued to work in Finance within different companies from Oil&Gas, Specialty Chemicals, Financial Services, Maintenance and Manufacturing industries.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Powerful Combination of Time-Tested Methods Proven in Your Industry and 153 Others Just Like It

Lean Six Sigma originally came from mass-production but because it is based on universal principles, it can be easily used in any industry and in any discipline.

There are about 15 universal principles that Lean Six Sigma combines. Here are the 5 most important ones:

  • Customer focus
  • Pareto-law (80/20 principle)
  • Parkinson’s law (related to Path of Least Resistance)
  • Newton’s laws of motion (1st and 2nd)
  • Effective Teamwork

It Does Not Matter Where You Work, These Principles Applies To Your Situation.

If you are working in …

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Government
  • Military
  • Consulting
  • IT
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Automotive

or any other industries you always have …

Customers to serve better (principle #1)
Many steps to follow so you must set your priorities (principle #2)
Budgets, deadlines and other restrictions to cope with (principle #3)
Changes and dynamics in your organization and on the market (principle #4)
Teams to solve problems better, faster and more effective than you alone (principle #5)

All 15 basic principles combined uniquely in Lean Six Sigma allow you to overcome any challenge your company is facing.

With Lean Six Sigma, you have the freedom to enter virtually ANY industry and segment of your choice.

To illustrate this just look at my current corporate clients: they are ranging from Metal and Welding Industry, Machine Maintenance, Mass Production, Chain of Elderly Homes, Chain of Home Care District Nurses, Center of Expertise and Rehabilitation of Blind and Partially Sighted, Luxury Yacht Manufacturer, Financial Services Company, etc.

  • Did I know anything about district nurses?
  • Did I know anything about welding?
  • Did I know anything about blinds and visually disabled?
  • Did I know how to make a yacht?


What I DO KNOW is Lean Six Sigma with its 5 phases and my selection of handful tools to identify, define, analyze and improve and solve any challenges for the last time.

Do You Want To Learn Lean Six Sigma and Enjoy the Freedom of Choosing the Industry YOU Want To Work?

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Using my ‘80/20 training method’ below, I have achieved the following results and you can do the same:

  • reduction of waste materials by 46 percent
  • increase the capacity of a production department by 70 percent
  • reduce unnecessary work of 40 hour per week on a admin department
  • lower admin workload of Healthcare employees by 67 percent
  • increase productivity of district nurses by 5%

Depending on the size of your company, institute, organization, and the number of years your organization has been working with Lean Six Sigma, your Black Belt projects typically deliver $100,000 to $250,000 financial benefit on a yearly base.

My first Black Belt project has delivered $112,500 hard cost savings per year!

One of my Black Belt students is about to finish his first project with an annual savings of about $1,000,000 for his company.

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“But Peter, I’m not an engineer and I have no MBA degree, and statistics were not my strong side either… Can I really do this?”

Yes, you can.

Here is why.

The Lean Six Sigma training material that I have assembled for you is focused on the application, the real-life use of every tool and technique…instead of a bunch of theory.

The 20% of the tools that deliver 80% of the results from Lean Six Sigma are included out of the 100+ Lean Six Sigma tools. You will discuss and learn how to apply this toolbox successfully to all your day-to-day problems. a

That’s why I call it my ‘Unique 80/20 Training Method’.

How did I come to this select toolbox? I

Here is how. Each time I asked myself this question:

‘Can I easily explain this tool to somebody without my background and experience?’

If the answer was NO, I skipped the tool.


– ‘Is there another method that is easier and leads to the same result?’

If the answer was YES, I skipped the method.

– ‘Using this tool, are we getting closer to the solution? If NOT, I have skipped it again.

At the end I have purified the material to its current state because I believe …

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exuper

Why Is It Important That Your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Is Easy To Understand And Not Overloaded With Statistics?

This may disappoint a few people who are a great fan of statistics and complex theories, but I’ve found it ESSENTIAL you make the systems easy to understand.

Lean Six Sigma is not only a problem-solving method but it is also a way to change the culture of any organization. Change takes place in the head of EVERY person: “How can I serve my customer every day better?”

Making it too complex and not easy to follow will cause confusions and misunderstanding within the project team. If the team is confused and unable to follow you, they will not motivate their colleagues to follow the same method.

Simply put: you will lose them. You are not a leader if nobody follows you.

On my project teams I often have Machine Operators, Welders, and Cleaning Personnel along with the Director of Finance, Sales Managers, and CEO. By using my easy 80/20 training method, I am able to keep the team together and get them ALL to the same level of understanding.

And you know what they say? They understand each other better due to the Lean Six Sigma project.

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]What Are The Long Term, Personal Improvements When You’re A Black Belt?[/headline_arial_small_centered]

While measurable, hard project results are essential – and this is a ‘built-in feature’ of this program, the soft results are equally important.

Soft results are those effecting your personality. Here is a list of those personality improvements you are going to notice, if you follow this program:

[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

Improved Communication Skills
Every aspect of the Lean Six Sigma work is done in a team setting. Without improved communication skills, you won’t be able to ask the right question, write-out clear instructions, present your idea’s and handle resistance. You will learn this during your Black Belt Certification program.

Improved Selling Skills
This is strongly related to the communication skills but goes a bit further: you are going to learn to speak the language of your customers – those interacting with you. Learning their language means you better understand their needs. This enables you to better fulfill their needs.

Better Team Player
With this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program you are going to work within a team. You will learn how to identify the strengths of the team members and how to make good use of it. You will understand the dynamics of the team work as well.

Enhanced Analytical Skills
I promise you won’t need lots of statistics but as a Black Belt you are going to learn how to handle data, how to analyze data, how to read it without getting lost.

As a Finance Manager, I had already a good background but with the Lean Six Sigma tools I exceled in this area. And so will you.

Effective Handling of Resistance
You will encounter resistance of people in your organization when you start working with Lean Six Sigma. The beauty of it is that you also learn how to handle it.

I wish I knew this before…This would have saved me much stress, headache and sleepless nights.

With this Black Belt program you are going to learn that resistance has a reason that goes back to our earlier point: understanding the customer – in this case understanding your colleague.

I could go on with listing the skills that you will improve like…

  • better problem-solving
  • improved personal effectiveness
  • improved personal efficiency
  • ability to distinguish between cause and effect, etc.

but you see my point now.

My Personal Secret…

  • I was a shy person, especially in front of my superiors
  • I was not assertive at all
  • I was terrified to speak in front of an audience
  • I did not dare to tell my opinion openly even if I knew I was right
  • I thought I need lots of time to understand complex issues

How did I change thanks to Lean Six Sigma?

  • I speak to and advise CEO’s and Directors of the Board
  • I speak regularly in public
  • I teach and coach others and get them to do things they have never thought they would
  • I am able to understand all kinds of complex processes and able to simplify them

Why? Because I now have an effective method that delivers consistent results when applied correctly. This will give you also more confidence and pleasure to work with it every day.

Because As A Black Belt You Are Going To Achieve Measurable Results in 4-6 Montsh, Solve Virtually Any Business Challenge And You Are Going To Have Excellent Leadership Skills…So You Must Be Rewarded Accordingly

Just look at a recent study of, the largest job site in the United States, shows that Black Belts earn almost $100K on average, similar to a MBA graduate.

…And The Good News Is That…

You Can Get Certified As Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma In ⅓ Of The Time And For 87% Less Compared To an MBA

We offer you 2 options:

Option 1: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

This option is for those who are not able to execute a real project but want to learn the methodology on Black Belt level for possible future application.

After receipt of one time payment of $1,997 you get access to the online training material.

Passing the online test with 80% results will grant you the Certificate of Completion Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training. This is therefore a theoretical proof of your knowledge.

Start with Black Belt  Training for  $1,997

You also have the possibility to pay monthly. In that case the training modules will be released each month as you advance.

For any reason you decide not to continue, just let me know and no further charges will occur.

$340 per month for 6 months

Option 2: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate

This option if for you if you can execute an improvement project at an organization.

This is where you are going to demonstrate your proficiency in Lean Six Sigma. Next to the online training material with video’s, presentations, downloadable templates, etc, you get one-on-one coaching from me to ensure good results in the shortest possible time.

To get your certification, you are going to complete one project and coach someone on another project. Average lead time is 6 months for both, so 12 month in total.

The time requirement is about 20 hour study in total to become a bit familiar with the theory and weekly 2 hours meeting with your project team to apply the theory.

The price of this program is $3,997. You can chose to pay in 12 periods of $340 each.

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[- $340 per month for 12 month]

While you are still in process of paying monthly, you are already achieving significant improvements as you progress with project under my supervision.

One of my Black Belt students is about to finish his project with a financial savings of $1,000,000 per year. A ROI of 245,000x

…but Why Would You Choose THIS Black Belt Program?

Here is what I said:

If you are mainly interested in the ‘paper’ (the certificate) because it looks good on your CV than you could better go to another Lean Six Sigma institute like Motorla University, Villanovau University, etc.

If you are interested in achieving tangible results with Lean Six Sigma and learning how to teach it to others than you are at right place because this program is focused on the results.

Therefore, if you are not achieving significant improvements with your project, you won’t get certified.

Is it scary? No.

The program is set-up so that you won’t fail if you follow my advice. Here is how it works:

How Are We Going To Work Together?

If you join, we are going to work closely together like this:

I help you choose your first project and set up your project team – this is a crucial point for your success
Next, you study the 1st module
Send all your questions to me by email
I answer you within 1 business day so you do not have any delays
You meet with your team to apply the material of the module 1
If you have questions, again, you send them to me
Once a month (= once per module) we have a Skype consultation to discuss you project
You continue with module 2

This is how I work with my private clients and big accounts. It has proven effective for years.

Please look at the next picture for more detail:

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[- $340 per month for 12 month]

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]What Is Included In Your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training?[/headline_arial_small_centered]

Accessing your private online training area, you get a structured material so you won’t wonder around figuring out what to do next.

It is broken down into 8 Modules. Each module consists of …

Video providing you with an overview of the module to quickly understand the basics
Instruction video’s and presentations just like I was there with you
Check list for every module to make sure you complete every important step
Download area gives you the possibility to download everything in PDF format
Templates to help your work in MS Excel, Powerpoint and Word

Here is the brief content of the 8 Modules:

Module 1: Preparation Phase

– Why change to continuous improvement?

– How to start change in your company?

– What are the key parameters for successful change?

– What do you need for strategic change?

– What are the consequences for the organization?

Module 2: Lean Six Sigma Basics

– What are the Lean principles?

– How do you recognize waste in your organization?

– What is Six Sigma?

– How do you recognize variation?

– Why Lean and Six Sigma is strongly related with each other?

– What are the 3 basic foundations Lean Six Sigma is built on?

– What are the 5 phases of effective problem-solving?

Module 3: Project Selection

– What are the 3 easiest ways to generate project idea’s?

– Which projects are typical for reducing lead times and complexity?

– What are the 4 driving forces when selecting the right project?

– Why scoping of your project is the key to your success and how to do it?

– How to select your project team and the 5 common mistakes?

– How to plan your Lean Six Sigma project in the right way?

Module 4: Define Phase

– What is the main objective of the Define Phase?

– Which tools do you need in this phase?

– What are the 4 most important elements of your project charter?

– How to avoid the 6 common mistakes when constructing your project charter?

– How to find out customer requirements?

– What are the 3 critical elements of customer satisfaction?

– How to become customer oriented with Lean Six Sigma in practice?

– What are the 3 common pitfalls of describing a process?

– How to make a flowchart that everybody understands?

– Which are the 2 reasons that you get lost when drawing up your process?

– What are the 6 minimum requirements before you enter Measure Phase (tollgate)?

Module 5: Measure Phase

– What is the main objective of the Measure Phase?

– What are the 4 subjects of statistics that even my daughter of 11 can understand?

– When to trust your data and the 2 typical errors of management reports?

– What is the ‘one and only’ statistical tool you ever, ever need?

– What is ‘variation’ and when do you need action and when you should not?

– How to improve the predictability of your output – the 2 possibilities?

– What is a Measurement System Analysis (MSA)?

– How to do an MSA in Manufacturing, in Healthcare or in Services?

– What is the capability of your process and how to measure it – the sensible way?

– Why DPMO and Sigma and why not?

– What are the 5 minimum requirements before you enter Analyze Phase (tollgate)?

Module 6: Analyze Phase (my favorite :-))

– What is the main objective of the Analyze Phase?

– What is the easiest, funny and still effective way to find out the causes of your problem?

– How to do a brainstorming with your team and still get to actionable results – in 7 steps?

– Which 4 common mistakes can kill your cause & effect analysis?

– What is Pareto-law and how does it help to focus your analysis?

– Which are the 3 criteria to prioritize the possible main causes of your problem?

– How to proof you found the solution?

– What are the 4 minimum requirements before you enter Improve Phase (tollgate)?

Module 7: Improve Phase

– What is the main objective of the Improve Phase?

– What are the 3 most important instructions for a good pilot project?

– What are you going to pilot and how to do it successfully?

– What are the 5 main tools to judge your improvements and which one is my favorite?

– How to improve housekeeping standards in a measurable way – in 5 steps?

– What Japanese principle you use in your every day life but forget to use it in business?

– How to calculate your project savings and why do it now?

– How to handle resistance when you make the changes?

– What are the 4 minimum requirements before you enter Control Phase (tollgate)?

Module 8: Control Phase (almost ready…;-))

– What is the main objective of the Control Phase?

– How to make your improvements stick?

– What is the single most important tool to make your achievements last?

– How to leverage your project results using a simple table?

– How to avoid the 3 most common mistakes project hand-overs?

– What are the 3 requirements to close the project?

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[- $340 per month for 12 month]

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]How Much Time Do You Need To Invest?[/headline_arial_small_centered]

For the online study you will only need approx. 20 hours in total for all the classes. This wouldn’t master the material but it would prepare you to use it and explain it to your team.

You would then need weekly meetings with your team about 2 hours each for a 6 month project. Next, you are going to spend about 2 hours per week to coach someone else on his/her project.

Do you have time for your future? This is MUCH LESS than my MBA took…and much more valuable real world results. Just think about it for a moment…

When a manager tells me he doesn’t have time to improve the business with a 2 hours per week meeting, I ask the following questions:

– The problem you identified, is it really a problem? If so, you should be willing to do what it takes to solve it.

– How much time do you and your people spend to correct the problem years after years? Compare that to an intensive project period of 6 month and after that the problem is solved for good.

This is true for you: if you think the above time requirement is too much for you, then you may not have a real problem. Earning $100K, having the freedom to choose where you want to work and solve basically any business problem may not be enough motivation for you.


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[- $340 per month for 12 month]

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]Are You Willing To Invest Your Time But You Don’t Have The Money To Get Black Belt Certificate?[/headline_arial_small_centered]

12 times $340 is not cheap, I agree. But look at this way:

For about $4K you elevate yourself to a totally new level and earn $100,000 instead of $30K – $50K. That is 200 % increase and not only a one time benefit but you enjoy it year after year. If you only work 10 more years, that’s an increase of $500,000 over a $50k salary.

Compare this amount to your $4K investment. Isn’t it worth it?

And it is even better than that…here is why.

While you are still in the process of monthly payments – you are already learning tools and techniques that help you right away in your work.

I often see in the Lean Six Sigma projects that the first improvements like defect reduction, lead time reduction, cost drop, etc. is already taking place after the 2 month. This is caused by the awareness and focus on the right principles.

If you went for an MBA, you or your employer would spend $20,000 – $40,000 for tuition.

Get the same end results with more real world practical value and save 80% to 90% of the costs.

While MBA takes about 3 years with zero guarantees of proficiency, this Black Belt program takes 1 year with guaranteed proficiency. Save time. Save money. And get guaranteed results.

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[- $340 per month for 12 month]

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back[/headline_arial_small_centered]

This is unique in business education.

Some of my colleagues thought I gone crazy when I told them I am giving you a double performance guarantee.

How does it work?

1. After the first month, you can decide to stop and you get your money back. In the first month you will get already the first 3 modules and I will contact you to identify and select your first project and to set up your team.

At this point, for any reasons you do not want to continue, you let me know and you get your $340 back.

This works both ways though. Since I’m working with you, I will know a little about your attitude, your plans and if there is a reasonable chance to find and complete a project with very nice results. If not, I will frankly tell you and ask you to stop right there. I send your money back and we go on our ways.

2. The second part of the guarantee is this: your project savings will be at least $8,000, twice the amount of your investment. Otherwise I give all your money back. This requires that you follow up my advice and prove that by sending me your project documentation.

Why do I give you such outrageous guarantees? Why do I take all your risks?

Because my success rate is higher than 97%.

In my Lean Six Sigma career I had only 3 projects that had no proven improvements (or had it only theoretically) out of 100+ projects. I am sure that if we work together and you follow my instruction, we are going to succeed.

Now you understand why I can give you a double performance guarantee without losing my shirt.

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[- $340 per month for 12 month]

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]What Exactly Are The Requirements To Get Your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate?[/headline_arial_small_centered]


I’m talking about Option 2 from earlier section. I just want to make sure you understand it completely.

There are 2 clear requirements.

Requirement #1: Successful Completion of Lean Six Sigma Project

Based on the online training, you apply the methodology in a project. I guide you along the way. You send me your questions and presentation and I give you my feedback and instructions.

In this part you spend about 20 hours on study and 2 hours per week for 6 months on project work and meetings.

At the end of this 6 months …

– you have finished all the theoretical part of the Black Belt study (8 modules)

– you have applied it in a real-life project and

– you have finished your project with significant and measurable improvements.

I am there to ‘hold your hand’ along the way so you not succeeding is just out of the question.

You know, Hungarians are proud people (I’m Hungarian if I did not tell yet) so I just cannot have a project that fails. Don’t want to drop my success rate (a bit selfish motives but helps you too).

Requirement #2: Successful Coaching Someone on a Lean Six Sigma Project

Now I want to make sure you can do this over and over again.

The best way to learn anything is to teach it to others. That is also true for Lean Six Sigma. I am not interested in how well you can fill in an online test but if you can apply it and teach it to others as well.

The biggest difference between a Black Belt and a Green Belt is not that the Green Belt works only part-time on Lean Six Sigma projects. The Black Belt is the Teacher and the Coach of the Green Belts and other team members (Yellow Belts).

By teaching and coaching others you multiply yourself in the company.

That is the biggest benefit for your manager and for the whole organization and not your project savings $100,000 or $250,000 or even $1,000,000.

To give you an example, I have several private clients (multi-million dollar companies and institutes) where I teach 1 Black Belt for 10 to 20 Green Belts.

This is the 2nd requirement in order to receive your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate.

It is not enough to apply the 5 phases (last 5 Modules) and use the tools and tactics inside of those phases but you have to able to explain it to others.

You should find a colleague or associate who wants to learn Lean Six Sigma. You help him/her to find a project (just like we did it) and lead him/her with the team through the 5 phases of Lean Six Sigma.

Again, I will guide you and coach the coach. Prompt email responses and monthly web conferencing with me will support you.

Project presentation is to be submitted to me per completed phase.

At the end of this 4-6 month period…

– You have educated another person in Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt level)

– Your colleague/associate has solved another important challenge for the company

– Expected financial benefits of the Green Belt projects are between $10,000 and $30,000 on annual base.

One of my Green Belt student has just recently finished his project in 5 months saving $106,971 on waste materials.

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[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″][/headline_arial_small_centered]

[- $340 per month for 12 month]

Warm regards,

M.Sc. Peter Herku MBA

Lean Six Sigma Trainer & Coach

Author of Profitable Empowerment

PS: With my personal, one-on-one coaching you become Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, guaranteed. You are going to solve almost any business and organizational challenges, earn at least $100,000 per year and have the luxury to choose where you want to work.
It’s getting more difficult to reserve space in my agenda for you.

PPS: Please send us an e-mail if you still have some questions left about this program. E-mail address: