Black Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Black BeltHow to Improve Your Career, Solve Almost Any Business Challenge, and Earn at Least $100,000.00 a Year or More

“Applying this simple strategy makes you extremely unique and valuable in any organisation and any industry”

  • One-on-one coaching to help you successfully conduct your 1st project
  • One-on-one coaching-the-coach as you will lead a Green Belt on his 1st project
  • 12 months access for 2 users to an unique, online project management tool
  • 12 months access to a customer feedback and analysis tool
  • 32 weekly personal coaching calls
  • Online training with:
  • 24 video segments over 8 modules
  • Online tests for after most modules
  • Special insights on each module
  • 24/7 online access. Approx. study requirement: 40+ hours.
  • 5 project phases to save $100K+ for your company
  • Most effective problem-solving tools in practice
  • 1 Additional access to the Green Belt training for your coachee

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate enables you to solve almost any business improvement challenges in any industries in both primary and secondary processes.  Like no one else in your company, you will be able to identify opportunities for cost savings, capacity increases, quality improvements. Besides, you are able to prioritise those opportunities bringing them in line with the company long-term strategy.

While you are improving your analytical and problem-solving skills, guided by our expert coach, you will achieve hard, measurable results with your own Black Belt project. This will normally add $100K to $250K financial benefit to your company, depending on its size.

Next to your technical knowledge on Lean Six Sigma, you also develop your leadership skills such as improved communication skills, selling skills, team leadership, effective handling of resistance and analytical skills.

Because you not only learn to use the Lean Six Sigma techniques in your own project, you as a Black Belt also learn how to teach, coach and motivate others to apply Lean Six Sigma in their work.

CEO, COO and Managing Directors are looking for someone who can solve problems while motivating others. And they are willing to pay handsomely for this service. That could be you…

What you will get:

  • How to identify, select and run projects with $100K-$250K yearly financial benefit
  • How to chose and set-up the best project teams
  • How apply the most effective problem-solving tools and teach them to others
  • How to guide company-wide application of Lean Six Sigma
  • How to develop your leadership skills
  • How to keep focus on strategic goals and support CXO level

$497.00 per month    S T A R T   N O W

About Peter Herku

ivz_peter…Having a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, completing an MBA and working for 12 years in Finance, Peter Herku discovered the measurable way of improving both profitability and company culture. Peter is specialised in implementing business improvement program at small- and medium size companies in Production, Service and Healthcare industries.

What managers say about this program…

“Peter is a very good teacher and he have good experience in Lean Six Sigma. He teaches you the basic and most important Lean Six Sigma tools and from this point you can run your first project.
I could recommend you to have this training since I have seen the good results from our eight projects in my company.”

Annsofie Jansson, Product Engineer
Katrineholm, Sweden

“I studied Lean Six Sigma earlier but I was discouraged by all the complicated tools and methods. When our company launched a new program with Peter Herku, due to his new approach it was much easier now for me to follow all the phases. This training gave me more structure in my own daily work and I’m now able to use the tools.
I would surely recommend Peter’s training because you’re going to understand the procedures in your company and the importance of good, reliable data for better decision-making.”

A.R. Technical Manager

“Your course was wonderful. Last year I became a member of the patient council of a hospital. In that hospital they are heavily engaged with the application of Lean Six Sigma. Then I decided to search the internet for more information on LSS and I found your name. It was my intention to learn only about the basic benefits and principles of LSS. I never had the intention to apply it myself only to follow what is going on in that hospital. Up to now remarkable results were obtained both in better Quality of health care but also significant savings in labor and costs.

Thank you for sending me all this information and I wish you much success in trying to confine people to apply this wonderful method in their organization.”

K. van Luttervelt, Member of Hospital Council

“Peter makes you think about aspects of your work that you would normally ignore and not consider important. He helped us to reduce our quotation time with 36.5% from 6.3 to 4 workdays in just about 5 month. This was also a unique opportunity to apply Lean Six Sigma improvement method in every level of our organization.”
B. Doeve, Sales Manager, Voith, Netherlands

“Lean Six Sigma has helped our team to achieve our objective: 14% reduction of our inventory in 6 month. Even more important: we can communicate with each other much better as well.”
D. Montizaan, Accounting, Voith, Netherlands

“Results of the projects are spectacular! We were able to reduce inventory by $185,000 in 13 month with the coaching of Peter. More importantly, we have now guidelines to avoid building up of inventory again.”
R. Habets, Managing Director, Voith Paper BV, Netherlands

“We didn’t expect such improvement in just a few weeks…and it is pity we’ve already finished the project. I’ve really enjoyed working with the team and using Lean Six Sigma.”
S. Note-Verrebrouck Residential care, Geleen-Sittard, Netherlands