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Peter Herku’s Unique 80/20 Training Method Enables You to Use Lean Six Sigma in Any Job You Desire. Proven with 100+ Managers
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification gives you the ability to manage your team to achieve measurable results…providing you with the respect and financial security you deserve.
  • Combining Lean and Six Sigma gives you the surprising ability to solve virtually any problem. This unique ability opens doors within and outside your current organization.
  • Quit wasting time with theory. This Lean Six Sigma program gives you only the most effective tools and focuses on their daily application from day one.
  • Focus on the 3 most essential components of Lean Six Sigma for guaranteed results. Quantify the problem, measure your improvements and do this with a team.

But wait… let me quickly share my experience with you first.


I am Peter Herku and I was always searching for a clear step-by-step method to improve my work, therefore improve the performance of the company I was working at.

I earned my Master degree in Chemical Engineering and later in Business Administration. I worked in Finance for 12 years but still …

I did not have the tools to change the way I work and to change the way my colleagues work to significantly improve the efficiency and profitability of the company.

The change happened when I have learned about Lean Six Sigma.

  • I saw how the processes are being simplified for greater speed and easy flow using the Lean methodology
  • I saw how the mistakes and defects were reduced in every process step for better quality and higher customer satisfaction using Six Sigma

…but there was ONE issue.

The methodology looked complex and sophisticated to me — although I had sound educational background. This caused my colleagues and others in the organization to view Lean Six Sigma as something “for a selected few”.

The problem was that although I received 25 days of training to become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt — a full-time practitioner of the improvement methodology — and going back to work I had no idea how to start my project, which tools I need and what conclusions can I draw from my data. I felt lost…

That was the main reason I decided to collect only the most effective yet easy-to-understand tools that can be applied successfully in 80% of the situations.

…and I do apply those tools in many companies … small or mid-sized, from industries like manufacturing, services or health care.

…and train and coach 100+ Green Belts (part-time Lean Six Sigma project managers) and their project teams.

Here is why managers chose this program:

  • Quality and efficiency issues are both solved together…saving time and money for you.

You’re going to apply not only Six Sigma OR Lean but both: Lean Six Sigma. In this way not only quality but also efficiency issues are being solved depending on what the most important challenges are in your organization.

One of my client – a machine refurbishment company – wanted to increase sales, therefore we’ve reduced the time to issue the quotations after investigating the condition of a machine.

Using Lean Methodology, we’ve achieved 36% improvements in 5 month, from 6 to 4 workdays.


To increase the speed of sending out quotations to the customers helped this company to increase sales. The next challenge was to improve the predictability of the welders otherwise the projects are not finished on time or the quality of the work would get worse.

To improve the predictability of completion of a welding job, we had to use Six Sigma Methodology.

In 6 month time we have improved the predictability by 70%:

This Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is going to enable you to solve capacity AND quality challenges as your business requires it. No need to compromise.

  • Focus only on the most important and effective easy-to-use tools that work in the real world.

80/20 applied to the training material. You get only the most important, most effective, easy-to-use tools to learn. The 20% that solves 80% of the problems. No time for lengthy theoretical stuff about statistics.

From the 100+ tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma you’re going to learn only the 15 tools that are proven to be effective and easy-to-use when solving important business problems.

Here are the top 3 most important ones that I use in EVERY PROJECT:

  • Control Charts
  • Cause & Effect Diagram
  • Pareto Chart

Control Charts, for example, are very powerful in different phases of a Lean Six Sigma project. In one of my recent project, we were able to increased the productivity time after time of service employees:

As you can see, we have reduced the time it took to finish the job AND we have also reduced to variation by 45%, making the planning of the job more accurate and predictable.

  • More concentration on actual application in your business instead of theoretical stuff about statistics.

When I was learning Lean Six Sigma, I had to use all the 100+ tools whether it made sense or not.

In my training, participants use only what helps otherwise, not.

The standard Green Belt training varies between 6 days and 10 days. If I work with private clients, we spend 6 times 0,5 day = 3 days in class room with 3-4 weeks in between to have enough time to apply what has been discussed during the class. That is already 50% time saving.

…but even that can be better if you get certified online.

You study Lean Six Sigma in your own speed, no waiting for others, you’re in full control.

You study the material when you want, watch the training video’s as often as you like, test your knowledge when you think it makes sense.

…and next day you apply the method and start benefiting from it. That’s the focus.

  • Not a one-time tool, but a way to empower your team to continual grow and improvement.

Lean Six Sigma is not the objective but a tool to achieve culture change in a company or change in one’s way of approaching daily problems.

Most companies teaching Lean or Six Sigma are teaching the TOOL, they are very “technical” in that sense.

My aim is to show how the ORGANIZATION will be transformed into an empowered team, constantly looking for improvement possibilities.

Lean Six Sigma is just a supporting mean to reach that next level in the organizational development.

Making Lean Six Sigma easy to understand is essential if you want to get everybody’s involvement.

Then you’re going to speak the same language, approach daily challenges in a constructive yet structured way and your eyes will be opened to new business improvement opportunities.

  • Easy-to-understand and effective training material even for those less skilled so the entire company can benefit.

Due to the simplified, easy-to-understand and effective training material, everybody in the organization is able to participate in the Green Belt training. No need for high education.

The biggest mistake I often see is when managers think their people just won’t understand them…”it’s too difficult for them”

With this Lean Six Sigma method you’re going to be a completely new generation of managers. Those who are respectful towards their workers and motivating them to come up with new solutions.

Working with private clients gives me the possibility to have operators, welders, production staff, nurses, etc. in my project team.

As one of my team member, a district nurse, said:

“We didn’t expect such improvement in just of few weeks…and it is pity we’ve already finished the project. I’ve really enjoyed working with the team and using Lean Six Sigma.”

S. Note-Verrebrouck & Vivantes, Beek

It’s really a great joy to work with them, to explain them what we are going to do and why…and they really like it because they see we are going to listen to them. We test their idea’s instead of just telling them how they have to work.

That is big change in any organization and you’re going to be the catalyst of that process.

It’s very rewarding and lot’s of fun.

These are the subjects we’re going to cover during this program:

1. What are the basic principles of Lean and Six Sigma that makes it so effective?

2. What are the most important factors for successful Lean Six Sigma program?

3. What are the 3 pillars of long-term business improvements?

4. Case studies from manufacturing, services and health care

5. How to embed Lean Six Sigma into the strategy of each organization?

6. What are the steps in the DMAIC roadmap (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control)?

7. Which tools do you need at each stage and how to use them?

8. How to make Lean Six Sigma improvements stick to change company culture?

9. What are the personal aspects of becoming a successful Green Belt?

10. How to proceed to become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt?

Here is what you will get if you enrol to the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training

  • 6 modules explaining the whole process from Initial phase through the Monitoring phase
  • 20 video presentations about each of the 6 crucial phases of problem-solving
  • 6 easy-to-understand mindmaps laying out each phases
  • 5 handy checklists so you will not forget any important element of your project work
  • 22 downloadable MS Powerpoint presentations for your easy reference
  • Special extended explanation on Effective Brainstorming with Actionable Results
  • 5 MS Excel templates to support your Lean Six Sigma project execution

2 Choices to get your Green Belt Certification

All the above material is uploaded to a protected membership site that you can access with you password. After you finished your study, you have 2 options to get your certification.

option #1 : Certification of Successful Completion of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

This option is for you if you…..

  • Don’t have a real-life project to apply the tools OR
  • Don’t need my help to apply the tools in a real-life project OR
  • Only interested in the training

In this case you can take an online test. This consists of about 50 questions (both multiple choice and essay) covering the whole Green Belt training material.

If you answer at least 80% of the questions correctly, you will receive the Certification of Successful Completion of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training.

You can take the online test 3 times and I will personally check your results and send you feed-back. So you know what you need to improve.

The training material is exactly the same I’m using now with my private clients where Green Belts are successfully closing improvement projects with an annual savings between $10,000 – $50,000

The price of this option is currently is NOT $496 but $397. That’s an intoductory price, so you save 25%.

Please click on the button here if you choose option 1:



option #2 : Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

This option is for you if…

  • You have a real-life project to apply the tools AND
  • You want personal coaching from me to speed up the project AND
  • You are willing to put in practice what you learn

In this case I will guide you along the way, provide personal coaching to you and hold web conferencing where you can look over my shoulder as I show you how to proceed with your project.

You send me your progress after finishing each modules (6 major modules) and I will give you my feedback per email and/or via web conferencing.

This is the same method that I use currently with the 17 Green Belts managing 8 improvement projects ranging from service industry to health care.

…so you can be sure I can guide you as well…

After finishing your project, you send me your documentation for approval and review. When it is complete and improvements are proven based on you data, you will receive your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

The current price of this option is lowered from $1,246 to $997. This 25% savings is for limited time only. So act NOW.

Click the button below to choose option 2:


FREE Bonuses if You Join the Program Now

Bonus #1:Tool-kit for Data Collection and Analysis (value: $158)

I only provide my private clients with this tool but they also pay a much higher price for my program… With this application you measure, analyse and solve both efficiency-related issues AND quality-related issues. Besides data collection, you are able to display the data graphically, calculate upper and lower control limits and carry out the Pareto-analysis as well.

So you are able to solve Lean and Six Sigma problems without spending money on expensive statistical software.

Bonus #2: 2 additional FREE online test with my feedback (value: $344)

Doesn’t matter what option you choose, I want to encourage you and help with 2 extra possibility to test your knowledge. With this bonus it is virtually impossible to fail the program.

Bonus #3: One-on-one telephone coaching with me for 30 minutes (value: $156)

Again, what ever options you select, we can arrange a telephone conferencing to discuss any of your questions regarding Lean Six Sigma. It can be about project selection or overcoming team problems or extra info on any of the tools.

It is all for you to make your Lean Six Sigma program really valuable to you and to your organization.

In case you find out that Lean Six Sigma is not for you, you have my unconditional 30-day-money-back-guarantee.

Your complete satisfaction is more important to me than making the sale. So if you’re not satisfied just ask your money back and you receive 100% refund.

In this way you run NO RISK at all but you can only benefit from the method that will make you very effective in you work and delivers great value to your organization as well.

But WAIT. Don’t Pay Now…
Try it First, Start Your Study and Even Test Your Knowledge, and THEN Decide…
I know you may still wonder if this program is suitable for you…and give you the chance to get the job you’ve always wanted.
That’s why I decided to let you try it first and decide later.

1. Enter your details.

2. Activate the link you received in your e-mail inbox.

3. Get instant access to the training material of the first training module.

4. Begin your Lean Six Sigma journey, study the video’s and test your knowledge using our online services. Complete the first test within 10 days and receive our feedback.

5. You can purchase the full training for a $397 (option 1) or $997 (option 2) investment in your bright future. After we have received your payment, we will upgrade your account and give you full access.

6. Once you passed the exam with a score of 80%, you are entitled to obtain your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate which we will send to you by post.
Click on the Try-It-For-Free button below to access the trial program today!

…but I’ve to tell you one thing…

You’ll learn in this program that quality is the long-term success of ANY organization. That’s true for me as well. So I have to LIMIT the number of participants of my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification program to the maximum of 15.

Otherwise I cannot spend enough time with you helping you, coaching you, giving you feedback on your test results.

If you want to be in the first 15 you should not wait but join now.

When the 15 seats are filled, the “doors are closed” and your name will be on the waiting list for weeks or months, I don’t know.

With my current workload I just cannot tell you when this course will be available again.

So please take action now and join one or the other options of this Green Belt training.

“Results of the projects are spectacular! We were able to reduce inventory by $185,000 in 13 month with the coaching of Peter. More importantly, we have now guidelines to avoid building up of inventory again.”

R. Habets & Voith Paper BV, Vaassen, NL

Warm regards,

M.Sc. Peter Herku MBA

Lean Six Sigma Trainer & Coach

Author of Profitable Empowerment

PS: With my personal, one-on-one coaching you become Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, guaranteed. You are going to solve almost any business and organizational challenges, earn at least $100,000 per year and have the luxury to choose where you want to work.

It’s getting more difficult to reserve space in my agenda for you.

PPS: Please send us an e-mail if you still have some questions left about this program. E-mail address: