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Get Certified As a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt In Just 8 Hours.Over 34,000 US Jobs Require
Lean Six Sigma Knowledge.

A recent student told me:

“I am an operations management professional. My former company was sold, I am now out of work. As I apply to new companies, everybody wants either LEAN OR Six Sigma training…I’d like to get started as soon as possible.”

I’m receiving emails like this from all over the world, because companies are requiring Lean Six Sigma knowledge from their new job applicants.

Recent job survey on, a leading job-search database, shows that over 34,000 jobs in the USA require Lean Six Sigma knowledge.

Acquiring at least a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma is a prerequisite in almost every salary category today.

Knowing the basics of Lean Six Sigma increases your chance to get your desired job.

It gives you the chance to be invited for the job interview in the first place.

But what can you do if you have just a few days before the interview?

How can you get enough knowledge in such short time period? And preferably proven with a certificate?

Normally, you couldn’t…but there is another way. Before we discuss that the main question is this:

What Is Lean Six Sigma And Is It Useful In Your Situation?

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement method to save time, to reduce mistakes and to save money.

The method is a combination of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, both originally from mass production environment.

Because it is based on universal laws, the method is applicable in any industry and any size of organization. Just think about the 80/20 law, or the law of variation, the power of team work which remain true in any industry.

Peter has students from Manufacturing, Maintenance, Financial Services, Healthcare, etc.

His clients range from $35,000,000 organization down to small partnerships.

White, Yellow, Green, Black Belts…Choose The Appropriate Level But With Caution

White Belts are those who got an introduction about what Lean Six Sigma and how does it work.

Yellow Belts are typically the team members of any Lean Six Sigma project and they are the “ambassadors” to the rest of the organization when it comes to implementing changes.

Green Belt is a part-time Lean Six Sigma expert and project leader of improvement projects. They have “normal daily job” and besides that they run projects like…

  • Reduce waiting time of patient for operation
  • Eliminate off-spec semi-finished products
  • Increase capacity of welding-shop
  • Improve on-time-delivery performance

Even if you have ambitions and budget to go for the Black Belt level, I would recommend you at this point to start at Yellow Belt because…

  • You gain quick understanding of Lean and Six Sigma Principles. This could be essential for getting you that new job.
  • You can get your first Lean Six Sigma Certificate in less than 8 hours.
  • You get an inside look to make a better decision before investing in a Green Belt or Black Belt education (resp. part-time or full-time improvement project manager)
  • You want to be a better team member of the Lean Six Sigma project that is running at you work. With this certificate you might be the next project manager.

The Value of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate

 Yellow Belt is the first level of Lean Six Sigma certifications where you have an in-depth understanding of…

  • The concept of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Management, Lean Office
  • How is LEAN applied in your industry to reduce complexity and non-value-adding steps
  • The concept of Six Sigma and how it is applied in your industry
  • What steps to follow during a Lean Six Sigma project?
  • What are the most effective tools to solve problems?

With your Yellow Belt Certificate you are the number 1 candidate for becoming Green Belt or Black Belt, so you have an advantage compared to your colleagues.

When you are trained as a Yellow Belt, you can contribute more to your Lean Six Sigma project team by better supporting your project leader (Green- or Black Belt) during data collection or analysis phase.

Using Lean Six Sigma you are able to deliver results like this:

“Results of the projects are spectacular! We were able to reduce inventory by $185,000 in 13 month with the coaching of Peter. More importantly, we have now guidelines to avoid building up of inventory again.”

R. Habets & Voith Paper BV, Vaassen, NL

Following this online certification program for Yellow Belt, you can quickly gain insights into the methodology in order to decide if you want to pursue higher level or not. This saves you time and money on the long run.

How To Get Your Lean Six Certificate…In A Few Days?

Requirement #1 : Follow online Lean Six Sigma training

Entering the secured training website, you receive access to…

  • Video presentation of 8 modules
  • Overviews of the 5 crucial phases (DMAIC)
  • Explaining the 15 most effective problem-solving tools
  • The critical success factors of every Lean Six Sigma project
  • Downloadable presentation and templates

The time requirement of the training is approximately 6 hours.

Because it is online, you have the possibility to study 24/7. You are in control!

You just follow the structured presentations, pause and resume whenever you want.

You can study at home or at work or both. You decide. No classrooms, no more wasting time with travelling.

Requirement #2: Online certification test with at least 80% results

After you have finished studying the Yellow Belt training material, you take an online test.

If you answer at least 80% of the questions correctly, you will be granted with the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate.

What Exactly Are We Going To Cover In Your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training?

Here is the brief content of the 8 Modules:

Module 1: Preparation Phase

  • Why change to continuous improvement?
  • How to start change in your company?
  • What are the key parameters for successful change?
  • What do you need for strategic change?
  • What are the consequences for the organization?

Module 2: Lean Six Sigma Basics

  • What are the Lean principles?
  • How do you recognize waste in your organization?
  • What is Six Sigma?
  • How do you recognize variation?
  • Why Lean and Six Sigma is strongly related with each other?
  • What are the 3 basic foundations Lean Six Sigma is built on?
  • What are the 5 phases of effective problem-solving?

Module 3: Project Selection

  • What are the 3 easiest ways to generate project idea’s?
  • Which projects are typical for reducing lead times and complexity?
  • What are the 4 driving forces when selecting the right project?
  • Why scoping of your project is the key to your success and how to do it?
  • How to select your project team and the 5 common mistakes?
  • How to plan your Lean Six Sigma project in the right way?

Module 4: Define Phase

  • What is the main objective of the Define Phase?
  • Which tools do you need in this phase?
  • What are the 4 most important elements of your project charter?
  • What are the 3 critical elements of customer satisfaction?
  • How to make a flowchart that everybody understands?

Module 5: Measure Phase

  • What is the main objective of the Measure Phase?
  • When to trust your data and the 2 typical errors of management reports?
  • What is the ‘one and only’ statistical tool you ever, ever need?
  • What is ‘variation’ and when do you need action and when you should not?
  • What is a Measurement System Analysis (MSA)?
  • How to do an MSA in Manufacturing, in Healthcare or in Services?
  • What is the capability of your process and how to measure it – the sensible way?
  • Why DPMO and Sigma and why not?

Module 6: Analyze Phase

  • What is the main objective of the Analyze Phase?
  • How to do a brainstorming with your team and still get to actionable results – in 7 steps?
  • Which 4 common mistakes can kill your Cause & Effect Analysis?
  • What is Pareto-law and how does it help to focus your analysis?
  • How to proof you found the solution?

Module 7: Improve Phase

  • What is the main objective of the Improve Phase?
  • What are the 3 most important instructions for a good Pilot Project?
  • How to improve housekeeping standards in a measurable way – in 5 steps?
  • What Japanese principle you use in your every day life but forget to use it in business?
  • How to calculate your project savings and why do it now?

Module 8: Control Phase

  • What is the main objective of the Control Phase?
  • What is the single most important tool to make your achievements last?
  • How to leverage your project results using a simple table?
  • How to avoid the 3 most common mistakes project hand-overs?
  • What are the 3 requirements to close the project?

“Peter is a very good teacher and he has good experience in Lean Six Sigma. He teaches you the most important tools and from this point you can run your first project. I could recommend you to have this training since I have seen the good results from our eight projects in my company.”

A. Janssen, Sweden

Extra Bonuses If You Join Now

If you decide to get your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate now, you are going to receive the following bonuses for FREE:

Bonus #1

3 Months Free Membership of “Lean Six Sigma Insider“ (value: $ 59.85)

Your Yellow Belt Certificate grants you full access to the tips and practical advices of Peter’s personal knowledge base.

Peter and other community members share their practical experience from area’s like

  • Lean management
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Continuous improvement

As a member you enjoy special discounts and early notifications of upcoming events, webinars and Lean Six Sigma certification programs.

Bonus #2

Discount Voucher of $75.00 On Peter’s Any Other Lean Six Sigma Training Program

Would you decide to develop yourself to Green- or Black Belt level in the “best management method of the century” within one year after getting your Yellow Belt Certification, you get an automatic discount of $75.00 right away.

You can also use this voucher on other books, webinars or private consultation with Peter or one of his colleagues.

Bonus #3

Digital version of Peter’s own book: Profitable Empowerment (value: $10.00)

The normal price of the hard-copy version is about $25.00. Visit also to read more about the book.

As one of the readers said:

“If you want to read a no-nonsense, to-the-point book about Lean and Six Sigma and how to apply it, I can recommend Profitable Empowerment”

J. Bommers, Gasperich-Luxembourg, Belgiumn

Bonus #4

2 additional FREE online test with our feedback (value: $344)

Doesn’t matter if you do not answer at least 80% of the online test correctly. You get 2 extra possibilities to test your knowledge. Each time you receive our feedback on your test results.

With this bonus it is virtually impossible to fail the program.

The Price of Your Guaranteed Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

 The normal price of an online Yellow Belt Certification starts at $295.00 without any extras.

Now you get 4 additional bonuses for a value of $488.85 just because you give it a try.

You also get 2 extra chances (3 in total) to pass your online test, which guarantees your success. That saves you a lot of time and money.

Gathering quick but valuable knowledge on Lean Six Sigma just before your job interview might help you to get the job you desire. Getting a job is immensely valuable because you maybe unemployed for some time now.

The price of all these benefits is $197.00

This is a one-time payment. No extra charges. No hidden costs. That’s it.

…But WAIT. Don’t Pay Now…

Try it First, Start Your Study and Even Test Your Knowledge, and THEN Decide…

I know you may still wonder if this program is suitable for you…and give you the chance to get the job you’ve always wanted.

That’s way I decided to let you try it first and decide later.

I have put together an easy 10-day trial-program for you. Here’s how it works…

1. Get instant access to the secured online Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training program right now with this trial offer.

 2. Pay nothing today, except for the nominal $1.00 processing fee.

 3. Begin your Lean Six Sigma journey, study the video’s and test your knowledge using our online services. Get feedback from us and do the test again if you had to improve your results at some point. You can finish your study and pass the exam in 8 hours or even less! At this point you’re entitled to receive you Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate.

4. The remaining $196.00 investment in your bright future will be billed to you 10 days from today in 2 installments of $98.00 each, one week in between. You will never be billed again after this payment. Of course, if you decide to cancel, it’s as simple as emailing us any time within the 10-day trial period. That simple!

 5. After we have received your payment, we send you your certificate by post. If you decide to cancel we do not provide you with the certification even if you have passed the test.

Click here to get access the 10-day trial program of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification


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Why Do You Get $488.85 for free, The Lean Six Sigma Certification And Maybe The Job You Desire for $197 Only?

First of all, because I want to help you get the job you want. If that requires Lean Six Sigma knowledge than I want to help even more because it indicates the continuous improvement ambition of the organization.

And that is worth working for…

Secondly, I also hope that by getting to know the basics of Lean Six Sigma you will be motivated to continue and get Green- or even Black Belt Certification with us.

That would increase your earning-power even more.

Thirdly, if you start working with Lean Six Sigma you will dramatically increase your own personal productivity and those working with you. That leads to better quality, higher efficiency and serving your colleagues and your customer better every day.

That is our mission.

If you want to join us on the mission and not loose out on any of these bonuses and benefits, enroll now:

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Warm regards,

M.Sc. Peter Herku MBA

Lean Six Sigma Trainer

Author of Profitable Empowerment



PS: Do you want to get your first Lean Six Sigma Certificate even in 1 day? Just before you go to your job interview where they ask for LEAN or Six Sigma knowledge?

Start right away here:

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About Peter Herku

…Having a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, completing an MBA and working for 12 years in Finance, Peter Herku discovered the measurable way of improving both profitability and company culture. Peter is specialized in implementing business improvement program at small- and medium size companies in Production, Service and Healthcare industries.

What managers say about this program…

“Peter is a very good teacher and he have good experience in Lean Six Sigma. He teaches you the basic and most important Lean Six Sigma tools and from this point you can run your first project.
I could recommend you to have this training since I have seen the good results from our eight projects in my company.”

Annsofie Jansson, Product Engineer
Katrineholm, Sweden

“I studied Lean Six Sigma earlier but I was discouraged by all the complicated tools and methods. When our company launched a new program with Peter Herku, due to his new approach it was much easier now for me to follow all the phases. This training gave me more structure in my own daily work and I’m now able to use the tools.
I would surely recommend Peter’s training because you’re going to understand the procedures in your company and the importance of good, reliable data for better decision-making.”

A.R. Technical Manager

“Your course was wonderful. Last year I became a member of the patient council of a hospital. In that hospital they are heavily engaged with the application of Lean Six Sigma. Then I decided to search the internet for more information on LSS and I found your name. It was my intention to learn only about the basic benefits and principles of LSS. I never had the intention to apply it myself only to follow what is going on in that hospital. Up to now remarkable results were obtained both in better Quality of health care but also significant savings in labor and costs.

Thank you for sending me all this information and I wish you much success in trying to confine people to apply this wonderful method in their organization.”

K. van Luttervelt, Member of Hospital Council

“Peter makes you think about aspects of your work that you would normally ignore and not consider important. He helped us to reduce our quotation time with 36.5% from 6.3 to 4 workdays in just about 5 month. This was also a unique opportunity to apply Lean Six Sigma improvement method in every level of our organization.”
B. Doeve, Sales Manager, Voith, Netherlands

“Lean Six Sigma has helped our team to achieve our objective: 14% reduction of our inventory in 6 month. Even more important: we can communicate with each other much better as well.”
D. Montizaan, Accounting, Voith, Netherlands

“Results of the projects are spectacular! We were able to reduce inventory by $185,000 in 13 month with the coaching of Peter. More importantly, we have now guidelines to avoid building up of inventory again.”
R. Habets, Managing Director, Voith Paper BV, Netherlands